Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Denver SEO Firm

Ill be in Phoenix, AZ April 30th-May 2nd speaking about blogging and SEO services. our primary client base is small business owners who are migrating from the Yellow Pages and on to the Internet.
We are a full service Denver SEO firm that helps you be found in Google searches and most importantly; strategies for conversions! We build optimized websites for SEO, optimize current websites. We also offer business blogs and help you set up your social media program.
Recently, I was speaking with a client of ours on doing a YouTube video for coin auctions. He asked me why people would look at a video on coins and coin auctions. Truth is, people may or may not view the coin video in great numbers. However, a well made video with proper tagging can only help my coin dealer become more prevalent in search for coin auctions. Call us if you would like to discuss how social media can help drive targeted traffic to your site!
You can View of Denver SEO Firm video to learn more about our services.